Tuesday, March 27, 2012

- An unusual experience "living" with a doctor that treated you. (Probably the same unusual feeling for a school girl fantasizing sax with her male teacher that taught her? Muahahaha). A friendly doctor that doesn't look like a doctor but an athlete and male model. In my mind, doctors are usually old and fat who are office-bounded. But this one got a good physique (btw, the doctor's pix in the yellow swimming trunk looks good. It reminded me of Daniel Craig in James Bond movie! (see attached pix). The doctor also looks like the Taiwan Liu Qian magician (see attached pix). But I think the doctor is more handsome than the magician). I wouldnt have expected to see a doctor waking up in the morning, walking out of his room with his hair standing! He looks just like a friend next door. :)

- What impresses me about Dr Arthur is that he treats his patients like his scuplture ... a piece of art (hence the name Dr ARThur?). I think that really amplifies the respect a doctor gives to a patient. And see the numbers of case studies on his website? 60 over! I don't think he is obligated to share his cases with the public but he is doing it. Its not just a few cases but over 60 cases. It must be pure passion that drives a person to keep continuing updating his website with new cases every now and then.And probably plenty of hard work! On the first night of the surgery, Dr Arthur came into my room to check on me (to make sure I don't bleed on the bed while sleeping? HaHa). Thats very cool isnt it. Beats my expectation. :)
- Big and clean house with plenty of rooms (Doctor, have you counted how many doors are there in your house? :p). The first floor is the office and surgery area. Second floor is where the guestrooms are located. 3rd floor is a mystery to me.... have you watched "harry potter and the chamber of secrets" movie? My first thought was... "Arthur Tjandra and the chambers of secrets". HaHaHa. My 2nd thought was that this secret chamber could have housed the secrets of anti-aging.... Doctor's apparatus, secret machines, oozing chemicals, elixir pills are hidden inside..... maybe there are slave doctors conducting experiments on captured prisoners.... OK!.. whatever... its non of my business :p

- breakfast, lunch and dinner was delivered to my room daily and I thought that was great! Felt as if Im in a 7 star hotel and getting 1st class hotel services! Wonderful and pampered experience ya? Especially for breakfast, the girl will knock on my door for me to collect my breakfast... I probably get that at home where my mum will do that for me. Breakfast is there before I brushes my teeth. :)

- The food that Jenny orders beat my expectations. I read in the forum that one of the forumer was saying that the food is not fantastic. So I didnt have high expectation of the food here. But to my horror, most of the food taste marvelicious! The chicken fried kway Teow was heavenly! Chicken and fish porridge was good as well. But the wanton mee is a bit disappointing. There is only 1 wanton and the wanton mee doesnt taste as good as those in Singapore.

- The charlie's angels performed a feat that impressed me! I went to Sun plaza and bought 6 pieces of cakes, 6 breads and a can of almond cookies from Breadtalk. I passed it to Jenny and she told me, "So much food! You want to take some for yourself?" I replied "The food is for everyone, if you can't finish it, I can have the bread for dinner". After my 2 hrs massage, I saw the girls who thank me for the food. Im impressed that 3 girls can makan 6 cakes and 6 breads (and almond cookies!)... thats an average of 2 cakes and 2 bread per person! Impressive!!!! (Doctor, your staffs are professional eaters! HaHa. I think they need a liposuction soon. Did they eat up the doctor's share as well? :p)

- I was given a mobile phone by Jenny so that she can contact me when Im in Sun Plaza. I can call her if I wanted additional time for my shopping. I thought this was simply a fantastic idea and hospitable gesture! Recall some past overseas trip that you have been...which hotel/motel/friends will pass you a local handphone for contacting purposes?

- The staffs here are SUPER friendly. I guess they are very happy working here....they are always laughing, chatting and smiling. Good working environment plus a candid looking boss. I think they wont feel bored or sick just by looking at the bods of their bosses on the walls. *drooling*. Jenny was telling me that the doctor's butt is sooooo sexy when he wear the tight cloths while dancing. Muahahahaha.

- There's a huge variety of DVD movies to choose from. I think there's probably close to 100 DVDs in the drawer? I watched 6 movies throughout my stay :)

- One thing that I like very much was the fat being transferred to my eyebag. It reduces the cavings under my eyes.... this is something that is not planned in my trip. I thought this was a great bonus! Im also looking forward to my wonderful body! It looks swollen now plus its itchy.... just hope in 3 months time, it will look good! At least I can see my love handlers are gone! Yeah!

Not so nice experience?
Basically there is really nothing to complain.... I sleep like a pig everyday. Its eat and sleep, eat and sleep. I had a very good rest daily. But if you really want me to be picky, I can only think of a few:

- My groin and part of my testicles turned black. (Doctor, Did you punched my groin and balls during the surgery :@) but I do have a consolation price... my penis looks and feels bigger because some portions of it is swollen. MUAHAHAHAHAHA.

- The tv is mounted too high on the wall. Im getting a neck ache from watching the DVDs :(

- My torsos are occasionally itchy due to the bandage and bindings. Thats also because I do have very sensitive skin. Its especially itchy in the middle of the night when I sleep. I have to take off the binder in the middle of the night.

My Regrets?
- Didnt get a chance to buy Dr Arthur a dinner. I cant imagine if he has to "entertain" all his patients. He will be freaking busy. So i guess probably not ask :p Anyway a doctor's and lawyer's time is expensive. I probably can afford the dinner but not his hourly charges :p

- Penis enlargement is something which I have toyed in my mind before.(no one will complain having a bigger penis I guess :p). I have read about fat transfer to the penis before but feels it will probably look out of shape or weird. HaHa. Regrets i didnt ask the doctor for opinion :p. Was also pondering when I first look at the Elixir Devie website.... why didnt they offer penile enlargement surgery... I saw it in most of the Thailand cosmetic surgery website. HeHe. If all my drawn-out fats are transferred to my penis, I will probably have the biggest penis in the world! Muahahahaha.

- Heard Dr Arthur teaches dancing. Ah yah. He never teach me leh. What a waste :p I didnt get to see the sexy butt that Jenny describe :p

Overall, I will give 9.5 out of 10 for my overall experience with Elixir De Vie. Sorry Dr Arthur, I have to deduct 0.5 marks because you are suspected to have boxed my groin and testicle! Wahahahaha. (joking)